Coaching & therapy

You can’t teach a man anything,
you can only help him find out for himself.


Coaching individuel, Solange Delagenière

Individual coaching

To give a fresh boost into your thinking process, when feeling stuck or confused, it allows you to come up with your own solutions.

Coaching équipe, Solange Delagenière

Team coaching

In order to promote the performance of a group, it aims to meet the needs of individuals to develop collective intelligence.

Thérapie à Grenoble, Solange Delagenière


A true path towards oneself, whether it is to work on a specific problem or for a global evolution, it invites an open exploration for a profound transformation.

Whatever events you face, it is always possible to ask a benevolent third party to guide you through all stages of life.

The coach and the therapist are resource persons to support you on specific or recurring issues, in a personal and professional context. They are committed to provide you with the support, listening and questioning necessary to make your answers flourish.

As I am used to working in an international environment, I am able to support people and teams in English.

Who am I ?

Woman, mother, partner, engineer, after a path that steered me to a position as project manager in an European institute, life leads me to question and redefine myself. I decided to re-oriente myself towards therapy and coaching after having experienced its effectiveness and richness on several occasions, for myself or people around me. Today, I am happy that my job allows each person to reveal his or her potential and to develop fully.
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